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Graffiti artist Bounce comes from Taiwan, working with big brands like Disney and Nike among others., his work can be seen at the creative heart of Taipei Ximending. Bounce is both rebellious and intriguing, he told the city's stories with spray paint,  .

Steven Choi 陋室五月 Zu and Pi

來自香港的藝術家Steven Choi,插畫風格奇幻獨特,是世界名著《小王子》2021年度合作藝術家之一,最知名作品為陋室五月Zu and Pi系列,並且和日本海洋堂合作推出Zu and Pi系列盲抽,現在他也和8472合作推出週邊服飾及包款。

Previous Collaboration

Hinata Morris

Renowned Japanese artist Hinata with her most famous character Morris The Cat with Antlers.

Artist Series - Hinata Morris

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